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C-section services offered in Hollywood, Los Angeles, CA

Serving the greater Los Angeles area and the surrounding cities and towns, Dr. Shobhana Gandhi and Dr. Arus Zograbyan are board-certified OB/GYNs. They specialize in all aspects of Women's Wellness, pregnancy and post-pregnancy aftercare. They also treat conditions associated with both infertility and menopause and performs C-sections.

C-section Q & A

Is a Vaginal Delivery Possible After a C-Section?

With today's advancements in medical procedures, it is possible or a woman to have a vaginal birth after having a C-section. In the past, the type of incision and the methods used to close the wound were thought to weaken the uterine wall. It was believed that if a woman attempted a vaginal delivery after having a C-section, the pressure and force of the contractions and birthing process would rupture the uterus and prevent her from becoming pregnant in the future. New surgical techniques are allowing doctors to reduce the damage caused by a C-section and offer the patient an opportunity to experience a vaginal birth if that is her choice.

When are C-Sections Used?

C-sections are considered when an emergency presents itself. The potential danger to the mother or the child will normally result in the doctor abandoning the option of a vaginal birth and opt for the C-section. C-sections may also be considered for women who have had complications during previous pregnancies. Some women experience certain health conditions during pregnancy that can make it difficult to deliver naturally. Extremely narrow hips, gestational diabetes, and weakened muscles brought on by bed rest can result in the need for a C-section. If a situation arises that the doctor is uncomfortable with, he or she may opt for a C-section to protect the mother and child from harm.

How Long Does it Take for a C-Section to Heal?

A C-section requires incisions to be made through all levels of the skin, the abdominal wall, and the uterus. While the recovery of a vaginal birth can be anywhere from two to six weeks, dependent on the health of the mother, a C-section patient may take up to eight weeks to ensure all of the incisions have healed completely. Just like any other recovery period, the OB/GYN will recommend plenty of rest and moderate levels of activity to help the new mother regain her strength. It is also important to not lift anything heavier than the weight of the newborn child.